The Vanishing City Vanish



“THE VANISHING CITY is a sober look at what happens when greed and bureaucratic underhandedness are allowed to run rampant over a city and destroy its neighborhoods and cultural identity.”
Bernie Mooney
The Examiner

“THE VANISHING CITY, a gripping new documentary reveals ominous trends that could forever change the city’s neighborhoods and communities, and not for the better.”
Joe Neumaier
The Daily News

“THE VANISHING CITY is the absolute story applicable to many cities, not usually New York, though the single which each New Yorker needs to see.”
Stewart Nusbaumer

Interviews and Reviews

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Brooklyn Reconstructed Series, Filmwax, October, 2012

The Village Zendo, September, 2012

Judson Church for NYUFASP with “Battle for Brooklyn”, August, 2012

Tribeca Grand Hotel with “A Home in the Theatre”, August, 2012

The Anthology Film Archives, July, 2012

All Souls Peace And Justice Task Force – at Reidy Friendship Church, 2012

District 8 Anti- Displacement Task Force Meeting 2012

The Catholic Worker’s Mary House, Spring 2012

Gowanus Loft, Spring, 2012

Astoria Queens Occupy Group, Summer 2012

Dixon Place, Winter 2012

Columbia University, Winter 2012

Landmark West, Summer, 2012

The Lodge, Winter, 2012

The Blue Stockings Bookshop, 2012

Brooklyn Law School, 2011

Casabe House, East Harlem, African American History Class, June, 2011

Steve Friedman, Upper West Side, 2011

The Film Forum with “Twilight Becomes Night”, Spring 2011

Coalition of Housing of 28th Street, 2011

International Conference of American Geographers at The Hilton in NYC, October, 2011

Schomburg Center, Harlem 2011

Judson Church, 2011

Resistance Cinema, 2011

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2011

The University of Portland, Maine, Winter, 2011

Staten Island FF, 2011

Houston Int’l FF, 2011

Williamsburg Int’l FF, 2010

Harlem Int’l FF, 2010

Los Angeles Int’l FF, 2010

Washington Irving School – Premiere of rough cut – November, 2009